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We provide high quality medical treatments with state of the art technology incorporated with simply divine holistic practices that will have you transported into a deep state of relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

Our focus is to provide you the most intimate, peaceful, luxurious and pampering experience in our private studio.

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Ive has over a decade of international training, working alongside world renowned skin care companies, scientists, dermatologists and make-up artists she is committed to always offer the highest standards.
During this time she received invaluable training, experience and quickly became an expert in the Spa and Hotel industry.

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We believe in helping not only our communities but the world. Part of our belief is to do good for others and help make a positive impact for those in need

Every time you choose us for your services you are not only helping a local business but also support to help the companies we sponsor around the world. Locally and/or internationaly?

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