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Andrey Bezrukov and Yelena Vavilova (“Donald Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley”)

Andrey Bezrukov and Yelena Vavilova (“Donald Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley”)

Andrey Bezrukov, whom went because of the name “Donald Heathfield american mail order brides, ” had studied at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy class of national before you take for a senior part at a consulting firm in Boston. Their spouse, Yelena (“Tracey”), remained acquainted with their two young ones, Tim, 20, and Alex, 16. Both young ones had been created in Canada and had been residing lives that are normal Cambridge, Massachusetts. Whenever their moms and dads had been arrested if you are spies that are russian Tim had simply completed their sophomore 12 months at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

The Foley kiddies had been the main topic of an in-depth function in the Guardian a year ago, which detailed their life since their moms and dads’ arrest. In December 2010, they certainly were provided passports that are russian and officially called Timofei and Alexander Vavilov—though neither identifies with being Russian. Alex would go to college in European countries and Tim works in finance in Asia.

Based on the Guardian, the brothers have already been fighting to regain their Canadian citizenship, revoked following their parents’ arrests. Alex has additionally been refused for visas from France and Britain:

In 2012 he had been admitted towards the University of Toronto, and sent applications for a four-year pupil visa on their Russian passport. September the visa was issued and he planned to depart for Canada on 2. But four times as he was packing his bags and exchanging emails with his future roommate, he received a phone call from the Canadian embassy in Moscow demanding he come for an urgent interview before he was due to leave. The conference ended up being aggressive; there have been great deal of questions regarding their life along with his moms and dads. The visa ended up being annulled before their eyes, in which he lost their university spot. Alex has because been refused for French and visas that is british. Twice, he’s got been accepted to review in the London class of Economics, but both right times would not get yourself a visa. Fundamentally, he had been capable of getting a visa to examine somewhere else in Europe; Tim travels primarily in Asia, where numerous nations may be visited visa-free for a passport that is russian.

“I lived for two decades thinking that I happened to be Canadian and we nevertheless think i will be Canadian, absolutely nothing can change that, ” Tim published in a court affidavit to win back once again their Canadian citizenship, cited by the Guardian. “i actually do have no accessory to Russia, i actually do maybe not talk the language, i actually do perhaps perhaps not understand friends that are many, i’ve perhaps not lived here for just about any long expanses of time and I don’t want to live here. ”

Possibly Canada happens to be resistant to Tim that is giving and their citizenship straight right back as a result of a Wall Street Journal tale from 2012, which cites US officials claiming that Tim have been recruited by their moms and dads in order to become a spy (a procedure that has been underway in final season associated with People in the us utilizing the Jennings’ child, Paige):

His moms and dads unveiled their life that is double to prior to their arrest, in accordance with present and former officials, whoever understanding of the conversation was according to surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that included bugging suspects’ homes. The officials stated the moms and dads additionally told their son he was wanted by them to adhere to within their footsteps.

He consented, said the officials. The child endured up and saluted “Mother Russia. At the conclusion of the conversation together with his moms and dads, relating to someone acquainted with the surveillance” He also decided to journey to Russia to start formal espionage training, officials stated.

When you look at the Guardian tale, Tim denied the allegations. “Why would a youngster whom spent my youth their life that is whole believing become Canadian, choose to risk life in jail for the nation he’d never gone to nor had any ties to? ” he asked.


Mikhail Kutsik and Nataliya Pereverzeva (“Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills”) lived in Seattle, Washington, both going to the University of Washington, Bothell, where they received degrees running a business. They’d two children that are young then relocated to Arlington, Virginia, where they certainly were arrested. The kids had been delivered using them to Russia.

Mikhail Semenko, one of several two “illegals” to use their genuine name, learned at Seton Hall University and later struggled to obtain a travel agency. (Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings associated with Us americans handle their very own travel agency. ) He’s thought to be the youngest for the spies who had been arrested.

Vicky Pelaez and Mikhail Anatolyevich Vasenkov (Juan Lazaro) had been married in 1983 in Peru. Pelaez, A television reporter, had been one other ”illegal” to utilize her genuine title. The couple moved to nyc and soon after had a son, Juan Lazaro Jr. —now a distinguished concert pianist whom remained in the usa whenever their moms and dads had been deported to Russia.

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