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Conform because closely as you are able to to your recommendations below utilizing the information available for you, unless encouraged otherwise by the instructor

Conform because closely as you are able to to your recommendations below utilizing the information available for you, unless encouraged otherwise by the instructor

It is helpful to keep track of information such as as you conduct your research:

  • Image creator’s name (artist, professional professional photographer, etc.)
  • Title regarding the image
  • Date the image (or work represented by the image) is made
  • Date the image ended up being posted online
  • Date of access (the date you customwritings accessed the image that is online
  • Organization (gallery, museum) in which the image is located/owned (if relevant)
  • Web site and/or Database title

For more info about citation, consult our Writing & Style Guides.

Citing pictures in MLA 8th ed.

Instead of supplying strict guidelines on how exactly to format a citation for specific kinds of sources, the 8 edition that is th of outlines a universal group of basic directions that may be placed on any supply type.

The larger whole can be thought of as a container that holds the source within MLA, when the source being documented forms a part of a larger whole. Often, there could be one or more container (eg. A television series on Netflix, or an e-book available on Google publications).

In-text citation

To cite a picture you aquired online, utilize the italicized image name or description that is general your text, and then cite it making use of the very first take into account the works cited entry.

  • The Dream (Rousseau) baffled art critics whenever it debuted in 1910, mere months prior to the musician’s death in September of the 12 months.
  • As illustrated in Three Planets Dance over Los Angeles Silla (Beletsky), the event of ‘syzygy’ occurs when bodies that are celestial within the sky.

Incorporating pictures in to the text of one’s paper

  • Put the citation straight away underneath the figure.
  • All illustrative artistic product (e.g., an image, map, graph or chart) except musical pictures contained in your paper must be labeled “Fig,” assigned lots and provided a caption.
  • If complete information that is bibliographical the origin for the dining dining table or example is supplied into the caption, in addition to source is certainly not mentioned in your paper, there is no need to incorporate an entry when it comes to supply within the directory of works cited.
  • Make reference to the figure in-text and offer an Arabic numeral that corresponds towards the figure. Usually do not capitalize figure or fig. (eg. “See fig. 1”)
  • Below the figure, supply a label title as well as its matching arabic numeral (no bold or italics), accompanied by a period ( e.g. Fig. 1.). Here, Figure and Fig. are capitalized.
  • Cite tables and numbers in accordance with regular MLA rules except:
    • Utilize commas in place of durations when citing tables and numbers, with the exception of the time by the end regarding the citation.
    • If you offer full bibliographic details in a caption, transform the periods generally utilized following the aspects of a works-cited-list entry into semicolons.
    • The medium of book and materials of structure, if vital that you your conversation, might be included during the end associated with the entry as optional elements.
    • Format the writer’s title because of the provided title prior to the family members title, ( ag e.g. Jane Smith, maybe perhaps not Smith, Jane).
    • An email on title format: a name is positioned in quote markings in the event that supply is a component of a bigger work. a title is italicized (or underlined if italics are unavailable or unwanted) in the event that source is self-contained and separate. The title associated with the container is generally italicized and it is accompanied by a comma, considering that the given information which comes next describes the container. Make use of your judgment that is best.
    • An email on date positioning: For date posted on the web, stick to the format below. An image (eg if you also want to cite the date. artwork) had been produced, you can easily place that date within an “optional element” spot after the name.

Utilize the format that is following a guideline

  • Fig. 1. Author (first, last); “Title”; Container, date, Address; medium (if relevant).

MLA in-text citation instance

The event of ‘syzygy’ (see fig. 1.) into the night sky over Chile.

Fig. 1. Yuri Beletsky; “Three Planets Dance over Los Angeles Silla”; European Observatory that is southern June 2013,; picture.

Works cited

Utilize the format that is following a guideline

  • Writer (last, very first). “Title.” Container, date, Address. Accessed date.
  • Beletsky, Yuri. “Three Planets Dance over Los Angeles Silla.” European Southern Observatory, 3 2013, june. Accessed 22 Mar. 2019.

More assistance with MLA

To get more instructions regarding MLA citation design and its own core elements, please see the SFU MLA guide, the MLA Style Center, the Purdue MLA guide, or speak to your liaison librarian.

Citing pictures in APA 6th ed.

In-text citation

To cite a graphic you obtained online, make use of the image title or a description that is general your text, and then cite it with the very first aspect in the works cited entry and date.


  • The Dream (Rousseau, 1910) baffled art experts whenever it debuted, mere months ahead of the musician’s death in September of the 12 months.

Incorporating pictures in to the text of one’s paper

  • Within the text, make reference to numbers by their quantity (in other terms., Figure 1 or Figure 2). Usually do not make reference to numbers as “the figure below” or “the figure above.”
  • The figure # is in its original resource as it would appear, numbered consecutively, in your paper – not the figure # assigned to it.
  • Quantity the numbers consecutively, starting with Figure 1.
  • Each figure should have a complete bibliographic entry in your guide List.
  • Put the figure near as you possibly can to the right element of text referencing it, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.
  • Centre the image within the paper.
  • Give a brief description regarding the image. The caption should act as both an explanation and title.

APA in-text citation instance

The occurrence of ‘syzygy’ (see Figure 1) when you look at the evening sky over Chile.

Figure 1. Syzygy (whenever three or maybe more celestial systems align within the sky) noticeable above an observatory in Chile. From Three Planets Dance over Los Angeles Silla, by Y. Beletsky, 2013, Copyright 2013 by Y. Beletsky/ESO.

Sources list

Make use of the format that is following a guideline

  • Creator’s Final Title, First Initial. (of creation) year. Title of image or description of image. Type of work. Retrieved from URL/database.
  • Beletsky, Y. (2013). Three planets dance over Los Angeles Silla. Photograph. Retrieved from
  • Irish, J. (2019). Sequoia park that is national Photograph. Retrieved from https.jpg this is certainly://
  • Drewes, W. (n.d.). Frog and bugs (no.200). Painting. Retrieved from
  • Simon Fraser University @simonfraseru. (2019, January 23). Foggy at the #Burnaby campus day. #sfu#sfugram#university Instagram photograph. Retrieved from

More assistance with APA

The APA Style Blog the Purdue APA guide, or contact your liaison librarian for more instructions regarding APA citation style and its core elements, please see the SFU APA guide.

Citing pictures in Chicago/Turabian 17th ed.

Keep in mind that Chicago design outlines two distinct citation styles—Notes/bibliography design and Author/date style—and that this guide covers only style that is notes/Bibliography.

Footnotes and endnotes

  • Information on paintings, photographs, sculptures, or other pieces of art can often be presented in the written text instead of in a note or bibliography. 14.235
  • If note or bibliography entry is needed, stick to the instructions below.

1. First Name Last title of creator, Title of Perform, date of creation or conclusion, medium, Name of organization, location (if relevant), Address.

As illustrated in Three Planets Dance over La Silla 1 , the trend of ‘syzygy’ is whenever celestial figures align within the sky|The phenomenon of ‘syzygy’ is when celestial bodies align in the sky as illustrated in Three Planets Dance over La Silla 1.

1. Yuri Beletsky, Three Planets Dance over Los Angeles Silla, June 3, 2013, picture, European Southern Observatory,

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