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This is a very strong but effective chemical peel, using trichloroaceitic acid is to remove outer layers of damaged skin. It is a deeper chemical exfoliation,which takes 2-3 weeks for proper healing time to reveal a smoother, brighter, more evenly tone texture and younger skin complexion. Perfect for those suffering from severe pigmentation, acne scaring, wrinkles, age spots.

Great for those serious to see extreme long-lasting results!

A Lumifacial is used in combination with this treatment as the follow up treatment and a specific post homecare all included in this package.

2 treatments plus home care kit

2 hrs $400

Chemical Peel 50% (TCA acid)

Will experience dramatic results with noticeable long week peeling, redness, tenderness up to 3 weeks. 

A follow up post treatment ad home care is mandatory with these treatments